About Me

Hi! I’m Marianna Di Giansante, an Italian food lover who moved to Brooklyn with my two Russian Blues cats for Mark, the man that I love.


In New York, I discovered my love for food. If you live in Italy, you don’t need to love it because it is just a part of your culture. New York has changed my perspective. I have discovered new ingredients, recipes, food traditions, and food fashions, but also how difficult it is to cook Italian dishes in a small Brooklyn kitchen.

This blog is my food log and reflects my new life in New York. I believe that you can learn a language or new culture through food.

Of course, I’m Italian and I can assure you that all the worst stereotypes about Italian women are true:  cooking is just part of our being!  Food is love, as my mom (and every Italian mothers elsewhere) used to say: she shared it with me, so I must do the same. I love to share my love with others.

Cooking and eating together is a heartwarming memory of my childhood. It’s tradition in Italy to eat with your family at lunch on Sunday and in the morning, all the women of the family, from the youngest to the oldest, prepare food together, speaking about their life, asking and giving advice, laughing, sharing experiences and feeling the love.
My food blog recovers this cheerful sociable spirit and the food is just an excuse to meet people, understand different lifestyles, and learn other cultures. I’m so happy when my kitchen is enrich by a melting pot of ingredient and fellow friends.

I hope that you can enjoy my New York experience, my love, my recipes, and learning a little bit more about the Italian culture, maybe even some Italian.